Acupuncture for the Immune System

acupuncture immune virus coronovirus

Acupuncture can really boost your immune system. This can make a real difference with viruses, such as colds, flus. And because it boosts your immune system we think can will help you fight viruses like Coronovirus (Covid-19). Acupuncture is holistic, and uses our body’s own energies to heal.

The main protection against any contagious disease is your own immune system. Medicines can struggle with infections, because they mutate and change. But a strong immune system adjusts quickly to mutating viruses and bacteria, and fights them off.

At Affordable Acupuncture Guildford in Surrey we see many people with immune system deficiencies. We also treat people for conditions not directly related to immune deficiency. As a side affect of acupuncture treatment our clients find they get less ill and fight viruses a lot quicker.

In a recent Taiwan study they looked at older people who at some point in their life had regular acupuncture at some point in their lives. Amazingly, they had a lot better general health years later, being less likely to get strokes and heart disease.

acupuncture treatment virus autoimmune guildford coronavirus

In our Affordable Acupuncture Guildford clinic we also help people with changes in their life style. We give individual, tailored advice that works. Diet, for example, is a complex issue and is different for everybody.

For a healthy immune system it is very important to eat well, sleep enough, and exercise regularly. But the modern busy life doesn’t always allow enough time. We find that regular acupuncture can help a lot. Then, even with other issues, our body’s natural immunity stays strong.

We see more and more clients with poor immune systems, sometimes due to treatments such as chemotherapy, and who are scared of catching infections (like coronovirus). Acupuncture helps maintain their immunity during these scary times.

Adults and children are increasingly suffering from autoimmune diseases. This is where the immune system attacks it’s own cells instead of outside pathogens. In these cases over-active immunity is the problem. Acupuncture and dietary advice can really help with this.

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