What We Can Treat

Every day in our affordable acupuncture clinic in Guildford we experience the power of acupuncture to treat so many conditions.

Acupuncture is now used in the NHS and in hospitals all over the world. This is because it works. The World Health Organisation says it helps most of the list below. In Chinese hospitals they’ve been treating virtually all illnesses for centuries. So it is well worth you contacting us to talk with us what we can treat in your particular case.

We have helped such a wide variety of conditions, both physical and emotional. Here are some of them:

Smoking                              Pain                                       Tiredness

Injuries                                Back pain                              Allergies

Stress                                  Frozen shoulder                  Hay fever

Insomnia                            Repetitive  Strain  RSI         Sinus problems

High Blood Pressure        Muscular problems            Asthma

Migraine                              Rheumatism                       Digestive problems

Trigeminal Neuralgia        Sciatica                                 Menstrual problems

Peripheral Neuropathy     Arthritis                                Menopausa                             

Bell’s Palsy                          Stroke symptoms                Infertility

We can also help where there is no clear diagnosis, in pregnancy management, during childbirth and all problems with babies and infants. Acupuncture is also often used to treat  side effects of chemotherapy.

For Acupuncture to help you, you can need a course of treatments. So our £20 treatment cost allows you to be able to afford good and proper treatment, from our highly experienced acupuncturists.

£25 Acupuncture Guildford

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