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“Vahida and David have been treating my family for several years. Their treatments are always individually tailored.They are extremely knowledgeable and offer plenty of guidance and support. They are always caring and considerate and I would not hesitate in recommending them.”  Alex

“I suffer from Ramsay-Hunt syndrome (shingles of the nerve in the inner ear). There is nothing further conventional medicine can do for me. Vahida has been treating me for facial spasms and synkenesis.  I feel very much that this treatment is helping my symptoms and I find Vahida to be a kind, understanding and professional therapist.”  Angela

“It is 13 years since I wrote an article in Spin magazine on acupuncture and Menieres. I have since then gone from strength to strength.

The doctors have dismissed me because they said there’s nothing more they can do for my Menieres Syndrome.I must keep taking the SERK (medication) 16mg three times a day.

I am down to 8mg once a day! I haven’t had a vertigo attack in ten years. My tinnitus is under control and I am certainly not as deaf.

Why? Because thanks to my acupuncturist I have learnt to mange my Menieres syndrome and of course I have been having acupuncture. Her favourite phrase is ‘listen to your body’. Our one hour sessions which initially I had every month and now every six months, have not only the needles but also a consultation. In that time I have learnt to recognise what triggers the symptoms ( tinnitus, deafness and vertigo), the best diet for my body, counteract with natural remedies- celery, parsley and asparagus as a diuretic, beetroot and red meat fro  iron.. I have learnt how to mange stress, a trigger for Menieres and tiredness, another trigger.

Over the years I have used my acupuncture for other ailments. My doctor is known to say; I don’t think I have seen you for over a year. Acupuncture can be a form of maintenance, especially through the winter months when there are lots of infections around. It boost up my immune system and can help me sleep. If I am having headaches, backache, pulled a muscle, got sinusitis, I go and have acupuncture. It always works for me.”   Joanna

“Dear Vahida, thank you for all the treatment you have given me along with some very sound dietary advice . When I came to you I was on the maximum dose of Steroid inhaler to control my chronic asthma. I now am free of steroids completely and using your monthly treatments, essential oils and herbal capsules to effectively control my asthma, all of which you recommended. Again, many thanks”. Matt

“I have been having acupuncture for about a year or so. I played football in my youth and suffer with joint problems. I had treatment many years ago but never continued with it. Reading an advert on line i decided to try again. I booked an appointment. When I met David and chatted with him, I realised we enjoyed a lot of the same things, music sport etc. He was very interesting and put my mind at rest, as I’m not great with injections, and having needles put in me was difficult for me at first. I have now been having treatment for a long time and it has helped me so much. I look forward to having the treatment, and coming away I feel totally relaxed. It certainly improved my arthritic right knee, and also I have a slight heart problem that has certainly benefitted too. David is a great person and always enjoys a chat. I would thoroughly recommend going to visit him. ”  Andrew Wyciechowsky.

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